Pathway to Success as a Stylist

The beginning process

1. Soul Search - Identify with the culture of a salon, find out if you want a career or a job.

2. Make a list of long and short term goals - Ask yourself. "Where do I want to be next year?"

3. Research and observe as many salons as you can in your desired area

4. Shadow at any salon that will allow you to on busy days

5. Be Bold- Meet with the owner and ask a lot of questions

Interview Tips

1. HAVE A STRONG WORK ETHIC and POSITIVE ATTITUDE at all times. If you have this quality, salons will be fighting over you!

2. Know your strengths and do not be intimidated

3. Dress properly Look professional, (no jeans)

4. Be confident

5. Discuss your goals

Assistantship (Average training time: 6 months to 2 years)

1. Be patient. You have to work hard to get where you want to be including the dirty work (laundry, cleaning, dishes, and bathrooms) All stylists have done their fair share of this work to get where they are.

2. Have a great attitude at all time with every client and staff member and while performing each task.

3. Be passionate about your career path and grateful to be where you are

4. Be assertive and attentive

5. Look atthe part and sell your image

6. Find your strengths and always practice, practice, practice

7. Customer Service, time management, and listening skills are a must in order to gain a following of customers

8. Reach for your goals

9. Do not be afraid to fail-this is how you learn. Do the task until you are comfortable.

10. Dedicate yourself 100%